Dave ThurstonMain Sessions - Dave Thurston

Dave will be speaking from Philippians and what Paul is saying about being 'partners in the gospel' together.

He has been involved with church planting and mentoring within the Presbyterian Church for over thirty years. Along with his wife Kathy, Dave has been encouraging healthy and sustainable ministries in local churches.

Ed Springer

Youth & Young Adults Ministry Seminars - Ed Springer

Ed is the Head of Ministry Support and SRE for Youthworks in Sydney. He will be leading the evening seminar stream for those involved in ministry with teenagers and young adults think through what ministry in partnership looks like. He will cover:

The Three Circles Of Partnership

Gone are the days when Youth Ministry could be silo, ignored by the wider church. Effective youth ministry champions the partnership of the home, the intergenerational church community and the youth ministry to work together to grow mature, robust and active young followers of Jesus. We will explore how as leaders we can energise these 3 circles of influence to grow young people in our churches.

Partnering Beyond Your Borders Why bother partnering with other churches and leaders? Time is limited, resources scarce and opinions differ. We bother because when there is an individual, local and regional impact when God’s people partner beyond their church borders. We will explore how as leaders we can bless and be blessed by partnering with others for ministry and fellowship, and why the cost is worth it for us and our youth.

Stew Playsted

Children's Ministry Seminars - Stew Playsted

Stew is the Families Pastor at Southern Cross Presbyterian in Lismore where he gets to help the church family there to help kids love their Heavenly Dad. He will be leading the evening seminar stream for those involved in children's ministry.

"We need a gospel heart for the kids we minister to, from Monday to Sunday. These seminars will help us to love and delight in the everyday gospel for everyday kids, as we together look to partner with others, in this most important work. I can’t wait to explore these ideas together with you at YNET!"

Kathy Thurston

Workshop - Kathy Thurston || Staying The Course

Ministry can involve many highs and lows. Kathy will provide some practical insight into walking a consistent path in ministry.