Psalms: Praying Through Good Times and Bad

Authored by Graham Stanton. Published by CEP.
“Do you ever find it difficult to know how to pray? When life is ‘up and down’, is it difficult to trust God knows what he is doing? These studies look at how God’s Old Testament people called on him in good times and bad, so today we can learn to do the same.”



Reviewer’s Comments:

This may depend on your youth group but we found that many of the youth did not engage with the studies on an emotional level. The studies get you to think through praying in difficult times but if most young people don’t buy in to this then the discussion remains shallow. In hindsight we probably didn’t help them connect well due to the structure of the rest of our night program. If you use these studies it is probably a good idea to think through helping your youth engage emotionally with Scripture.

We will however use these studies again in our youth group.

This review was provided by a ministry practitioner working with youth in years 7-12 on the Darling Downs.

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