Elective Presenters

Simon Allery
Simon is the Youth Pastor at Southside Presbyterian Church.

Jennie Baddeley
Jennie works on staff at Redlands Presbyterian Church and assists with Children’s Ministry there.

Kylie Buchanan
Kylie is the Children’s Ministry Worker for Eatons Hill Prebsyterian Church.

Gemma Cardew
Gemma is the Kids Pastor at Creek Rd Presbyterian, South Bank.

Brad Dewson
Brad is the Youth Worker at ChristLife, West Toowoomba.

Josh Dodd
Josh is responsible for youth ministry at Dalby Presbyterian.

Steve Hay
Steve is the Children’s and Youth Worker at Acacia Ridge Presbyterian.

Stuart Hoadley
Stuart is responsible for Wordworks at Queensland Theological College and is a YNET Consultant.

Dave Hopper
Dave is a full-time YNET Consultant for the Presbyterian Church of Queensland.

Tom Fittell
Tom works as the Kids Pastor at Creek Rd Presbyterian, Carina.

Fiona Millar
Fiona assists with curriculum development at Mitchelton Presbyterian, and has had a lengthy involvement in Childrens Ministry at her previous churches in Ireland.

Gary Millar
Gary is the principal of Queensland Theological College.

Danny Mitchell
Danny works part-time as the Youth Pastor at Arundel Presbyterian Church on the Gold Coast. His remaining part-time is as a YNET Consultant for SE Queensland, meeting with other churches to encourage them in ministry to young people.

Chris Pine
Chris is the Youth Director for Creek Rd Presbyterian Church.

Tony Rowbotham
Tony heads up university ministry at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, as well as serving the national ministry of AFES. He has worked with AFES for 15 years both in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Chloe Skerman
Chloe is the Children’s Worker for Dalby Presbyterian.

Meryl Webber
Meryl is the Childrens Ministry Coordinator at Mitchelton Presbyterian.