Changes in 2018

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In 2018 Dave Hopper will be stepping back from his full time YNET Consultant role. He is still committed to seeing ministry to young people happen within PCQ and will be involved as a consultant in a voluntary capacity. This also gives him time to be involved in his local church and recharge and refresh for the future.
In addition, Stuart Hoadley has had a role shift and is now the Associate Director of Ministry Resourcing & Christian Education. He will be moving away from hands-on ministry support within YNET, but will still be involved in the oversight of the network.

We are so thankful for the many years Dave & Stu have advocated for taking young people seriously in Bible-based discipleship ministry and for the many churches and leaders they have encouraged and supported (and will continue to do so!). 

Where to from here?
YNET will continue to function as the network of churches likewise committed to young people and their spiritual development – as we connect with and spur on those around us in ministry, so that a new generation may know and love Christ our King. With this in mind, we are currently working to assemble a steering group which will work with Danny Mitchell to provide direction and support to the network. This group will work under the supervision of the Committee for Outreach and Nurture,  We look forward to sharing the plans of this group will you as they develop over the coming weeks and months!

As this new group is forming, Rosie Skerman will continue to provide coordination and support for the various YNET ministries that churches have been partnering in. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Danny Mitchell ( or Rosie Skerman (

We remain excited to partner together in praying and labouring for the growth of the gospel in young people. Please pray for this next phase of our partnership, that the Lord might equip and empower us to proclaim Christ alongside each other.

For young people. For churches. For Jesus.