YNET Conference 2020 will be held at QCCC Mt Tamborine on
Friday 1 May to Monday 4 May 2020.

YNET Conference is an initiative of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland and is open to all those in Queensland & beyond involved in gospel-centred ministry to children, teenagers and young adults. It is ideal for teams to attend together for training and encouragement – strong teams and leaders are vital as we hold out the gospel to the next generation.

About YNET Conference

It is vital that the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed and modelled to young people because, from little children through to those entering adulthood, they can experience God’s call and have a relationship with Jesus. YNET Conference exists to provide training for leadership teams of local churches in growing their ministry to young people. It is for any leaders involved in Christian ministry to children, teenagers and young adults. This is a great opportunity to connect with others in similar ministries, be equipped from God’s word, be shaped by experienced practitioners, and be refreshed in gospel service.

Bible Teaching

A core value of YNET is faithfulness to God’s Word. Each year our goal is to have a trustworthy, dynamic communicator of God’s Word challenge and encourage us to be growing in our likeness to Christ, as well as in ministry to young people.


Electives give you the practical training and theological underpinning that is needed for ministering to young people. Core electives will be available each year and other YNET electives will vary from year to year.

Team Time

In this session leaders from your church and/or ministry team will get together and talk about the things they are learning at YNET and how they can apply when they get back home.