YNET is a network of  local churches, connecting people in ministry to young people. We believe young people of any age are able to love and follow Jesus. As such, we are committed to intentional discipleship which teaches the Bible to young people in the context of Christ-centred relationships.

YNET Consultants have been set aside to support local churches in the YNET network in four main ways:


    YNET Consultants can provide and encourage ministry connections across PCQ to share and support in discipling young people.


    YNET seeks to intentionally equip leaders in their ministry to children, teenagers and young adults. This is done through training conferences, as well as specific training and strategy workshops and mentoring with local churches.


    YNET camps and events are intended to support the work of local churches, allowing churches to supplement their existing ministries to young people with quality Bible-based camps and events. At the same time, these camps and events provide an opportunity to create links with other groups and their leaders.


    YNET also provides practical resources for local churches, so they are better equipped in ministry.

How Can You Be Involved?

Simple! Meet up with someone else in ministry to young people. (Consultants can help you connect if you’re not sure where to start.) Pray, and encourage each other and consider ways to share resources. For example, if you are running training or a camp consider inviting another group along, or think about sharing any resources you have used in your ministry. YNET is about local churches supporting each other as they disciple young people in Christ.
The YNET website is a great place to keep in touch with what is happening around QLD.

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