Christian community is a distinct togetherness that shows our beliefs in action, an active belonging that is counter to the consumeristic culture that surrounds us. When Christian young people love each each other as Christ has loved them, His power is on full display to a watching world.

This year at YNET Conference we will consider what Christ-centred community is and how we can foster this amongst the children, teenagers and young adults we lead. David McDougall will be speaking from Ephesians, while in the evenings Ross Pethybridge will lead us through the practicalities of building Christian community amongst young people.

YNET Conference 2018 will be held at QCCC Mt Tamborine on
Friday 4 May to Monday 7 May 2018.

YNET Conference is an initiative of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland and is open to all those in Queensland & beyond involved in gospel-centred ministry to children, teenagers and young adults. It is ideal for teams to attend together for training and encouragement – strong teams and leaders are vital as we hold out the gospel to the next generation.


YNET Conference includes:
‘Sessions’ which include Bible Talks and program supporting the conference teaching.
‘Seminars’ which includes ‘in practice’ discussion of the conference theme.
‘Electives’ where a variety of presenters present on subjects related to ministry to young people.
‘Workshop’ an ‘all-in’ teaching time on a topic.
‘Team Time’ which is space for teams to discuss and digest what they’ve been hearing as they relate to their ministry.

6pm          Arrive and Register
7:30pm    Night Seminar 1 – Ross Pethybridge
9:30pm    Supper
7:30am    Breakfast
9am          Session 1 -David McDougall
10:30am   Coffee and Chat
11am        Electives
12:30pm   Lunch
1:30pm    Workshop – Carolyn Russell ‘Accidental Counselling’
3pm          Team Time + Free Time
6:30pm    Dinner
7:30pm    Night Seminar 2 – Ross Pethybridge
9pm          Supper
7:30am    Breakfast
9am           Session 2 – David McDougall
10:30am   Coffee and Chat
11am        Workshop
12:30pm   Lunch
1:30pm    Elective
3pm          Free Time
6:30pm    Dinner
7:30pm    Night Seminar 3 – Ross Pethybridge
9pm          Supper
7:30am    Breakfast
9am           Team Time – Bringing It All Together
10:30am   Coffee and Chat
11am         Session 3 – David McDougall
12:30pm   Lunch & Depart



Not all unity is good (Psalm 1:1), but unity in Christ is precious, blood-bought, and God’s big plan. But to sustain such community is not easy, as the early church discovered. It took four challenging letters to the Ephesian church (Ephesians, 1 & 2 Timothy, and Revelation 2) to move them from theory to practice. We will work through Ephesians to consider the motivation for, benefits and challenges of Christ-centred community.

David currently serves as the senior minister at Hurstville Presbyterian Church in Sydney. He has previously served at Willows Presbyterian and Creek Rd Presbyterian.



Gospel Community has great power as a witness to Christ’s sacrificial love to us, but what will this look like for young people? Each evening we will take time to discuss how we can foster community in our ministry, what this looks like in the context of a church and how we can use our community to point to Jesus.

Ross is the senior minister at Dalby Presbyterian Church.


Discover why asking good questions in children’s ministry can lead to deeper engagement with God’s Word.
This elective will explore the following:
•       What makes a question good.
•       How to design good questions.
•       How to create space for children to think more deeply.
•       Creative ways to use questions to engage children in God’s Word.
This elective will consider how we equip our church-going kids to welcome their friends into our church communities.
Looking at ways we provide pastoral care in community. Starting with care for everyone in growth groups, but stretching to healthy ways of building in professional help and even developing personal pastoral care plans for more extreme situations.
Thinking through building a Christian community when the majority of your youth group are not Christians.
In this elective we will look at how teams praying together makes a world of difference in the whole youth community.
B Together we will look at building community amongst young people spread across a diverse range of schooling backgrounds: home school, Christian school, private school, public school.
This elective covers a solid foundation of youth ministry – why we do it, what the Bible has to say and what this can look like in practice.
If the greatest enjoyment our children can ever have is glorifying God and enjoying him forever through Christ, it goes without saying that children’s ministry should glorify God and be enjoyable. So how can we use games to both point kids to Jesus and be enjoyable. This elective will look at how to define the big idea of a bible passage and then use games to help illustrate that message.
A lot has been said in the past 12 months about domestic violence in Australia and churches have not avoided association. Before unhealthy marriages take place, how can we help young people navigate healthy, gospel-centred, dating relationships.
As we continue in ministry, it is important to take some time to evaluate how we are travelling in this ministry, for our sake, but also for the community we serve. This elective will provide a framework to consider leadership characteristics and motivation, as well as how we can promote long term leadership that thrives.
Jesus calls us to go and make disciples of all nations. This includes far reaching parts of Africa and Tribes of the Amazon. But it also includes our local communities, our neighbours, our school communities and other places that our families interact with people.
So how do we help equip the families within our church to share the gospel in these relationships and places.
We’ll be thinking about how we can equip ourselves and our families to think, pray for and to speak to people in their lives who don’t yet know Jesus.
Come along to hear and share ideas for kids & teens particularly in school setting. Deal with questions like, ‘Do I condone someone’s behaviour simply by being friends with them?’
A seminar to think through how to give effective kids talks while not feeling alone or inadequate especially in the light of community.
Relationships end up being where 90% of our energy goes. But they can be hard! If you’ve ever felt … Unsure how to connect with a youth … Vaguely like your relationships with youth should be more about Jesus somehow … Being friends with your youth and not like a school teacher … Scared of dealing with parents … Weird about making follow up phone calls … Then come be amongst friends and we’ll help each other.
Helping young people to be amazed & love God’s story in their life + use this in evangelism.
Engaging kids in the community of Christ throughout the week.
What does transformational, Bible-based discipleship look like in ministry to children? This guided discussion will explore ways that you can encourage and nurture the faith of each child that you lead. Participants will also consider practical tools for creating a culture in children’s ministry where relationships are central.
We often look in our churches for leaders in youth ministry that are older or more mature but sometimes the best people to serve in youth ministry are the youth themselves.
How to help engage all of our small group members to play a part in building community rather than just a consumer in it.
So frequently our counsel for how young men and women relate is in the context of romantic relationships, but what about the rest of the time? 2017 was a year to learn from – #metoo and every revelation that followed gives us powerful insight into the world around us and within. Strong communities have men and women who respect, care for and support one another. This elective encourages us to consider how the gospel shapes our interactions with the opposite sex and how this impacts the young people we serve.


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About YNET Conference

We want to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed and modelled to young people because, from little children through to those entering adulthood, they can experience God’s call and a vital relationship with Jesus. YNET Conference exists to provide training for leadership teams of local churches in growing their ministry to young people. YNET Conference is for any leaders involved in Christian ministry to children, teenagers and young adults. It’s a great opportunity to connect with others in similar ministries, be equipped from God’s word, be shaped by experienced practitioners, and be refreshed in gospel service.

Bible Teaching

A core value of YNET is faithfulness to God’s Word. Each year our goal is to have a trustworthy, dynamic communicator of God’s Word challenge and encourage us to be growing in our likeness to Christ, as well as in ministry to young people.


Electives give you the practical training and theological underpinning that is needed for ministering to young people. Core electives will be available each year and other YNET electives will vary from year to year.

Team Time

In this session leaders from your church and/or ministry team will get together and talk about the things they are learning at YNET and how they can apply when they get back home.